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Now I knew why they are called men of the forest. An hour was gone just like that, and it was time to get back to the boat. The rainforest got true to its name, and we got a rainstorm in the night. Dozing off, with the rainfall and jungle around me, was the best way to end this fantastic day. The second day of the orangutan tour is the most packed one.

This one was probably my favorite. It was closer than the first one around 5 meters , and no trees were standing in the way. Again more than ten orangutans were making their way to the bananas!

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These guys behaved a little different though. While some of them got immediately down and started eating, others were waiting up there on the trees. This little one was tired of waiting for breakfast. In the afternoon we had a second orangutan spotting — this time in the famous Leaky Camp. It was there, Dr. Galdikis started her orangutan research in and continued to do it even today. Moncos leading the way to the legendary Leaky Camp. See the sky? Just the rainforest things. Moncos was prepared of course and handed me a rain poncho.

They really thought of everything on this tour! And guess what guys?

Day Trip Orangutan tour (PRIVATE)

I did! Upon arriving on the platform, I start looking up in the canopy of the trees, and one little red fatty had done precisely that! Holding some branches and leaves over his head. This is a way better rain protection! Camp Leaky platform was not as close as the previous one, but we got some extra bonuses.

First, there was a wild hog roaming beneath the platform, searching for fallen banans. Apparently, a lot of bananas fell down, cause, in the end, three pigs were lurking around.

Orangutan Tour House boat 4 Days (PRIVATE)

We also glimpsed, apparently a very rare bird. It looked like fancy chicken to me, but Moncos informed me, you are lucky to spot these guys once a year, and his excited face convinced me he was not kidding. The incredibly rare fancy chicken! And the lurking boar. The day ended with a night walk in search of some nocturnal animals.

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I had my flight booked for the afternoon, so I had enough time to finish my Borneo orangutan tour the proper way — without any rush. After breakfast, we went for an hour hike ending with a visit to a reforestation camp. The ranger there explained they had some big fires in Borneo, costing them a vast area of the rainforest. These are some bad news not only for my new friends — the orangutans but also for the whole world. The purpose of the visit was to plant a tree to help reforestation of Borneo.

Since the holes were already prepared, all I had to do was pick a tree and put it in inside. Throwing some dirt on top of it and I had planted the first tree of my life. It was nothing special, but I felt good about it. I have a tree! The end of the tour was a lazy sailing back to the city.

On my way to the airport, Desi intercepted the taxi just to say her goodbyes and gave me a gift bag with some orangutan souvenirs. The treatment I received is the standard way they treat all of their guests! There are daily flights to Pangkalanbuun from Surabaya and Jakarta. Make sure to let your tour manager which flight you are using.

Borneo Orangutan Tour - Boat Trip in Kalimantan / Indonesia

It cost me around USD for two people. You can also talk with them to pay everything up front via PayPal. Borneo is one of the most remote places on earth and you journey there always carry some risk. To relieve yourself, do what I do on all my trips — get travel insurance. Once you have a few journeys under your belt, you can easily appreciate its tremendous value and freedom it gives you. See how much your safe travel is worth. So now is the time to get the genuine jungle experience and meet some cute red-haired monkeys, without the massive crowds, popularity inevitably brings.

Threats Orangutans Are Facing The threats orangutans are facing put a sustained amount of pressure on the apes. The threats are: Habitat Loss — the Bornean rainforest, home to the orangutans, is being lost at an alarming rate to make way for palm oil plantations. This puts increasing pressure on the orangutans as there is more competition for food and nesting locations, and as a result, orangutans are dying. The Illegal Pet Trade — young orangutans are ripped away from their mothers and taken to become pets in Borneo itself and on occasion worldwide.

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Once an orangutan has been taken away from its mother it will never learn the skills required to survive in the wild and will, consequently be unable to be released back into the wild. Forest Fires — farmers in Borneo use the slash and burn technique, and this often results in forest fires that soon get out of control.

Orangutans and other animals can get caught up in the flames or simply lose their homes as a result of these fires. Fast Facts It is believed that humans shared a common ancestor with the Great Apes around million years ago! Orangutans share lots of things with humans, but one of the most uncanny similarities is that they have 32 teeth, the same number present in humans! Orangutans are deep and methodical thinkers and will take their time when approaching potentially complicated tasks. A good example is when the Great Apes witnessed local villagers untie a boat and take it downstream.

Later, once the boat was tied up by the villagers, the orangutans decided to copy what they had earlier seen and take the boat for a ride! View Project. View Tour.

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  • Signup to our newsletter. Please read our Privacy Policy. This is your time to observe, learn, and understand them further from your guide. Lunch and dinner on board. In this camp you will have a chance to plant an endemic fruit tree for the Orangutans; this is also part of your personal carbon offset program. Then you will return back to the houseboat and boating up directly to Camp Leakey.

    Lunch will provided on board. Then you will visit the Orangutan information center to see the research activities done by Dr.

    Jungles and Orangutans

    Birute Galdikas. At 2 pm you will visit the orangutan feeding area. Enjoy your time until 3 pm.