Coupons wont print correctly

In my opinion, this is most likely where your problem is coming from. You should probably try with a different coupon and see if it will print. Try and export the pdf to png, then print the png, eg. Code: [Select].


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Download your free copy of Linux Lite today. Thank you both of you. Before, i exported the PDF to. DOC, but it hasn't worked. It worked by printing from. PNG But I'm not sure if the computer will accept the barcode, will something change on the barcode if not printing from the original PDF file? Other than that, the coupon is in lower quality, so if it won't work, I'll try to increase it. Wal-mart is limiting how many printable coupons you can use, eg. So you might want to check the stores policy on how much the coupon can be. Norma, I am experiencing the same. My No Frills used to accept printable coupons.

They are now refusing printables, and saying they can take INTERNET coupons, the mail-to-home ones, and they must have writing on the back of the coupon, like a watermark. So I am finding my last chances for printables are SDM and Walmart………until they too start changing their policies.

Problems with Printing Coupons? Here’s What to Do

I had an embarrassing incident happen at a Metro store recently. I was told, once I got to the checkout that they do not accept printable coupons. Fair enough, but.. Guess what? Metro was listed right on the coupon as one of the grocers the coupon was good for. Not impressed, as I had the tassimo coffee packages removed from my groceries.

The coupon was buy 3 get thefourth one free. I love printable coupons! I have had a few issues with them being accepted. Most of the time I keep the full page, so they see the entire page. Your email address will not be published. Our goal at MapleMoney is to present readers with reliable financial advice and product choices that will help you achieve your financial goals.

To do that, transparency is critical. MapleMoney receives compensation from some companies issuing financial products, like credit cards and bank accounts, that appear on this site. December 10, at pm. I have tried to install the Coupon. I have 30 years experience in computers so I doubt the problem is on my end. I find it hard to believe that advertisers would spend money to work with a company such as Coupon.

End result is that the coupons are offered but not actually given to the customer. September 5, at am. I have been searching for a soultion to print those coupons that I would love to scream at right now. I have tried the suggestions with the url and making sure my printer is default and that it is not shared. Still it will not work.. Blessings to all..


April 12, at pm. I have a netbook as well for just me which is compatible and has the couponprinter. March 11, at pm. What about the problem with printing from the Target website using IE9. If you have multiple printers connected to your computer, often as part of a network, you may want to check your default printer setting. Not to mention I could just print them 2 months ago. March 13, at pm. November 17, at am. November 6, at am. October 13, at pm. I have been having trouble printing from Smartsource. I can print from every other site, but for some reason, Smartsource prints really fast and light, like I am almost out of ink.

Which I am not. Anyone else have this problem? October 27, at pm. October 31, at pm. My bricks and coupons.

Coupons Won’t Print?

September 10, at pm. I have IE-9 and have been printing coupons from coupons. Now it keeps telling me I have to install the coupon printer which is already installed. I uninstalled it and re-installed it and it still tells me to install it. I e-mailed coupons. Can someone Please help? November 2, at pm. August 21, at pm. I just got a new mac a couple of months ago. Should I try another browser? I have google chrome as well, but when doing my coupon searches I find that I have better luck using safari.

July 18, at pm. I had been having problems installing the Target coupon printer on Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7. So after reading this blog, I installed Firefox and can now print Target coupons! Hope this helps someone else. November 30, at am.

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Thank you so much! I had the exact same problem, did what you recommended, and it worked just fine!

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June 27, at pm. I have tried changing settings, and the web address , but still no luck. June 18, at pm. June 19, at pm. Paige , I have the same problem. It does not even open up to try and print it. I use firefox. June 17, at pm. I have no problems with coupons. Have been triple checking the two letters but no love.

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  • My coupons didn't print! Now what?.
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June 9, at am. What is wrong? This has happened to me with three different coupons now. Thanks for any tips you can give me. I love reading here… hugs! May 29, at pm. Okay…so I tried putting in the different letters for the coupon installer, but the screen still shows up blank for all of them. What could be going on? May 20, at pm. I have tried printing coupons from coupons. What can I do to get these coupons? May 18, at pm.

But when I print coupons but nothing happens, My printer works. Please help me. I have tried a bunch of times to install the coupon printer, and it seems to all go through just fine but then when I click to print coupons it just keeps bringing me back to the coupon printer setup screen? What am I doing wrong? May 10, at pm. I too became frustrated trying to print coupons after installing the coupon activator many times. I have found a simple solution. Use firefox as your browser instead of internet explorer.

Once on firefox, i had absolutely no problems. Hope this works for all. I cannot open any links to coupons. September 1, at am. I had the same problem, and here the solution that worked. I have Kaspersky protection on my computer.

I had to go to applications and turn off anti-banner setting. Problem solved! January 28, at pm. Thanks a ton!!!!!!!! January 7, at pm. April 29, at pm. I can NOT get any of the coupons on this site to print! I always get a message saying that its processing, then the page jumps back to the main page. April 30, at am. January 20, at pm. January 2, at am. It repeatedly asks me to install the coupon printer.

Do you have any other suggestions? January 3, at pm. September 4, at pm. Any help will be appreciated.