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Florida Go Fishing created helpful icons and added site details to each diagram with rules. We indicate on our site diagrams where spearfishing IS allowed. Remember, it's irresponsible to spearfish anytime recreational divers are present, so use good judgement when hunting. After spearfishing, if you will be traveling through any no-take zones SPA's, EMA's, ER's, ROA's, state and national parks you must remain in continuous transit do not stop when returning to port with gear broken down and stowed away. There is no spearing in State Parks.

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This foot steel-hulled buoy tender was built in for the Coast Guard and was later used as a cable layer. She transported Cuban refugees during the Mariel boat lift in , resulting inhere seizure by the US government. After being seized, she was sitting at the dock awaiting her fate when she sank unexpectedly. In , she was raised and prepared to be sunk again as an artificial reef in feet of water. But while being towed out for re-sinking, she prematurely sunk in just 90 feet of water where she currently resides. She settled on her side but was righted a few months later in by Hurricane Kate.

In preparation for her scheduled sinking, the Cayman Salvage had been cleaned and stripped to create a smoother structure to foster pelagic life. Because of the removal of restricting parts, penetration is possible but is considered dangerous. It is recommended that divers who desire to pursue such a mission do so during a return dive and not on the first exploration.

Bar jacks and schools of silversides frequent this site.

Divers have reported that a pound jewfish and a six-foot green moray eel call this vessel home. Note that dangerous aspects of this location are strong currents and the depth. A careful diver will find this artificial reef a great chance for exploration and a unique dive. Caymen Salvor Site Diagram. Joe's Tug in fact, is an old steel hulled shrimper originally destined as an artificial reef off the coast of Miami. She first sank at the pier in Key West in It was raised and cleaned in preparation for her planned sinking as an artificial reef in Miami.

However, late on the night before it was scheduled to be towed north, a group of locals secretly towed the boat out of Key West harbor. The vessel sank in route to wherever they were headed, landing on the reef in about 65 feet of water. Some say a rum-soaked local pirate did it! Joe's Tug which is 75" in length now sits in about 65 feet of water in the sand, no longer intact.

In , Hurricane Georges picked up the wreck and tore her in half. The bow and stern now lie about 30 feet apart, and the wheelhouse has largely disintegrated over the years. The hull is easily accessible and is usually filled with schooling fish. She sits up right on the ocean floor surrounded by soft and hard coral formations and large sponges. This wreck is home to some very friendly moray eels and inquisitive fish.

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Joe's Tug is an easy and rewarding dive for both beginners and experienced divers. Open access to the wheel house and aft deck make this an enjoyable dive. Visibility is usually good due to its location outside of the reef and offers a great photographic location with a wide variety of corals and marine life.

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Also home to Joe's Tug is the famous Jewfish named "Elvis". Be sure to look for him so that when you go back home after your dive trip, you can tell your friends you actually saw Elvis in Key West! The Sambo Reefs is a collection of several reefs close to Key West. The area is divided into an Eastern area, a Middle area, and a Western area. The areas are located about four miles south of the Boca Chica Channel. If you go out to the Sambo Reefs, a pole will mark the eastern end of the reefs.

This area is used for commercial and recreational diving but it is also used frequently for research purposes there is a Sanctuary Preservation Area marked by orange floats where research is done and fishing and taking lobster are prohibited. However, the rest of the area is great for taking lobster and shelling, especially in the inland grass bed located in shallower water. Dining Paid breakfast Restaurant Poolside snack bar.

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