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Get a Free Quote. Talk to Andrey. Now it looks like to be complete. Nice extension! A million thanks for this. Its a pity that this is not available out of the box in magento. I was stuck doing this, and your blog post certainly helped. Firstly, thank you for posting this, it has been a lifesaver!!!!

I just have one quick query — is it possible to also display the customer name? Your Name. Search for:.

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Tags: Magento. Table of contents:. Security Patch for Magento Commerce and Open-source 2. Oct 9, Dasha M. Orders Sales Reports provide the number of orders that have been placed and the amount that have been canceled. These reports also contain totals for sales, amounts refunded, tax collected, shipping charged, and discounts. Tax Reports contain the tax rule and rate. The number of orders and the tax charged is included as well. An Invoiced Report contains the number of orders and bills. This report displays amounts bill invoiced, paid or unpaid during the period of time.

Sales Reports

This type of Sales Report contains the number of orders for the carrier or shipping methods used. The amounts of total sales shipping and total shipping are also included in Shipping Sales Reports. The number of refunded orders can be found in this sub-category of Sales Reports. The Refund Report also contains the total amount refunded online as well as offline. Sales Reports for coupons contain a list of coupon codes used during a specified time interval, interval related to price rule, and the number of times it was used.

It also shows totals and subtotals for sales and discounts. These Sales Reports contain the kind of event and can be auto-updated with the most current data from the online payment service, PayPal.

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Marketing Reports in Magento 2 will provide you with information about the status of shopping carts for your online store. Additionally, this type of report will show the use of search terms and the newsletter transmissions. This report includes all the information related to the products that were added to shopping carts. For example, details such as the name, price, and the number of carts with the item will be listed.

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The number of products in the cart, subtotal, date the cart was created, and date that the cart was last updated will also be available in this report. This may be able to help you reduce abandoned carts.

How to Create a Coupon Code for a Percentage Discount in Magento 2

These Marketing Reports will show you the name of each subscriber, the queue date and subject, and the information about the error that occurred. The information in this Marketing Report will show facts that relate to any newsletter queue that failed to transmit. Review Reports provide information about product reviews. These reviews are sorted by the customer as well as by product.

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The Customer Reviews Report lists all of the customers who have submitted product reviews. The report will include the number of reviews submitted by each customer. Also, a link to the list of reviews will be provided. This report includes a number of reviews and the average rating. Details included in this report also show when the product was last reviewed and a link to the list of reviews for each product.

Magento 2 Customer Reports will provide you with a comprehensive review of your customers. As a result, the deep understanding will help you to boost your sales. This kind of Customer Report will show the total number of orders, the average order per customer, and the total amount of the order. The Order Count Report includes the number of orders per customer.

Additionally, you can view the average order amount and the total amount of the order. Lastly, the New Accounts Report will show the number of new customer accounts during a period of time. The Ordered Products Report is the number of a product order. This report option expresses the entire product name and the ordered quantity.

Bestsellers Reports show—you guessed it—the bestselling items in your store. The report includes those that are your top 5 best selling.

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In Products Reports, you can view stock levels of items in your eCommerce store.